The long stretch of water that seperates Europe and Asia has seen thousands of years of history.It has nurtured many well-known legends, and has been the home of ancient mythology.

Since 3000 BC, on these lands, there have been fights for rulership, dignity, love, honour and most importantly for country. And, ÇANAKKALE with its 5000 years of history, being culture and history city, located on the beautiful seashore, is proud to be a witness of this history on these lands, and the city is an important tourism centre.

The Çanakkale province became the ground for two very important battles in history. One of them is the mythological war of Troy, which Homer immortalized in his Iliad. Archaeological excavations in the ancient Troy (Troia) have proved that there had been nine separate periods of settlement (3000 BC- 400 AD). Here, one can see the ruins of city walls in addition to the Wooden Horse of Troy. The other important battle can be considered as the Battle of Canakkale, the so called Gallipoli Campaign, which took place during World War I when Turkish troops under the command of Ataturk maintained the defense of the region against enemy forces. To honor the 500,000 soldiers who gave their lives at Gelibolu (Gallipoli), this gallipoli peninsula has been converted a national park of remembrance. There are several memorial monuments in surroundings of natural beauty of the Gallipoli Peninsula.